My favorite technologies of 2014

EmberJS EmberJS is javascript framework that is most interesting to me. The lack of boiler plate code and a philosophy of convention over configuration are things I value in a »

OrgMode Agendas

Agendas Scheduled Deadlines Properties Searching Before we talk about Agendas in org-mode I need to add two more things that I forgot to add last time. The first are a »

OrgMode Todo Lists

Todo list State "DONE" from "TODO" [2012-02-15 Wed 08:05] Title Todo Headers Tags I'm going to start a little series on org-mode. If you find it boring or want »

Judge for yourself...

iOS 8 (6 days ago) on 46% of devices - Apple: Android KitKat (31st Oct) on 24.5% - Google: »

Custom Rails Validators

Last week I was trying to build a rails model validator that would signal error when the password was the same as the email address. My first thought was to »